Sunday, July 20, 2008

Youtube Fun

Just doing some Youtubing and fell down the rabbit hole to a few gems from the past.

First, Terje's part in Totally Board 2: A New Way of Thinking. Learn some new grabs son.

Warren Miller's 'Freeriders' was the first snow sports video I owned, and I am genuinely surprised that my VHS of it is still in working order. Before judging me, consider that it had Craig Kelly, Gigi (Christian at that time) Ruf, Jonaven Moore, and was filmed during the legendary '98 El Nino season. It also had the trademark Warren Miller humor touches as well. Take a look.

Putting aside all jealousy or hate, this kid is funny.

One more Warren Miller clip, this time from 1962. Interesting avy gear.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Concussed Photoshoot Film

After almost eight months, I have finally bothered to cut the film, place it in slide holders, and take it to get scanned. I'll have to take the easy-out card titled 'school' for that. Anyways, these are the results, I hope you enjoy them. I'm pretty happy with them. They were taken on a half frame camera that I don't tend to use very often, but certainly would never sell.