Friday, August 04, 2006

High Cascade Downday

I told you I'd get these online in 15 days. Its been three. You are very welcome. This is the second day at HCSC. The first day I shot film on hill, and got some really sweet shots I thought. It was fun for awhile to anticipate seeing my developed images, but that fun ended when I found out my roll of film didn't wind through my camera, resulting in blank images. My reaction was captured perfectly by Mr Tim Zimmerman below.

PS: I will post photos from day 3's daytime and night photoshoots soon. Be on the lookout. They are rad.

(click image for larger version)

Me after finding out my roll of film from the first day was ruined.

Zimmerman, Lance, Robbie, Mike

Trevor Graves

The above 4 are a small little idea I had. I kept meeting people from all over the US who were in Mt Hood for the same exact reason. To slide in a generally downward direction on a peculiarly white solid state of water. I think it shows the community and draw of snowboarding/skiing that knows no region or boundary.

Tim Zimmerman

"You'd better get those pictures before this place is all commercialized and *stuff*!"

"Is this bike artsy enough?"

Nick Hamilton (TWS Photo Editor)

"The Cave"

Micah Hollinger Ollie

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