Saturday, August 05, 2006

High Cascade Night Photo Shoot

Scott Stevens

Tim Humphreys - FS 3 indy tweak

Zac Marben hosts a mini dance party on the jump deck

Wille Yli-Louma - Boosting a huge BS180

Scott Stevens and Joe Carlino try to get a trick tip done despite Preston Strouts best advertising efforts.

Robbie Sell - Stalefish Tweak

Tim Zimmerman

Zac Marben FS 9

Johnny Miller and Preston

Zac Marben - Switch Method with style to spare

Brendan Hayes - FS Board

Mike Ramierez - mid BS 7

Jesse Burtner & Johnny Miller - Double Russians

Zac Marben and Brendan Hayes learning Japanese

Preston Strout making snowboard history with a darkslide

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